If you urgently need me...

If you are among the 1 or 2 people who actually keep up with my blog I can be reached on this beach from now until April 9th. You will find me there with a small blond boy, covered in sand and a baby girl doubling as a sand monster. I will be the one with a cold drink, a big smile on my face, and sand between my toes anxiously awaiting the arrival of the daily breeze so I can join my friend Mark and we cruise the turquoise waters of Las Terrenas with kites fully powered.

If I don't see you there, I guess I'll meet you back in the blogosphere on the 9th.

Nos vemos y cuidate!

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Mluttenb said...

So close your eyes, think of those days when you can make snow forts the size of clubhouses... this would be the weather I am enjoying right now!

So as I close my eyes at night I will think of warm sand between my toes and a piece of fresh fruit to eat.

Thanks for the visual!

Enjoy your vacation.